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From Dusk Till Shotz

I’m super excited to be producing and acting in the upcoming installment of Shotz on Monday, March 20, 2017 at PianoFight to benefit Awesome Theatre. Each 5-minute script must relate to the theme of “From Dusk Till Shotz,” have a character who experiences an epiphany, and uses the line, “Well, that used to be okay.” I’ll be performing in a script with Laura Peterson written by Colin Johnson and directed by Jess Thomas.

ShotzSF: Shotztopia?

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be appearing in the upcoming November ShotzSF. The theme this month is Shotztopia, and it comes right on the legs of the zany presidential election. I will be appearing in a piece by Alandra Hileman, directed by Jess Thomas and co-starring Andrew Chung.

Each of the plays must adhere to the following guidelines:
1) Must relate to the theme “Shotztopia?”
2) There must be one instance of ostracizing and once instance of comforting.
3) Include the line, “It’s only good, unless it’s bad” or “It’s only bad, unless it’s good.”

The show will be on November 9 at 7:30 pm at PianoFight. Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door.

LongShotz: Collateral Damage

Next up: LongShotz Collateral Damage! I will be performing at PianoFight on June 3 and at the Temescal Arts Center on June 9, 16 & 18. I will be performing in the play Ashes at Dusk by Nima Slone, directed by Christopher Magee.


It’s Shotz… but longer!!!


We’ve given six playwrights 30 days to write a 30-minute. The plays are precast and follow certain parameters:

*Each play must relate to the theme COLLATERAL DAMAGE,
*The playwrights are asked to find inspiration in Jane’s Addiction’s “Of Course” lyric “Of course this land is dangerous, all of the animals are capably murderous”.
*Each play must interact with nature in some way.