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Z Roach

I am currently filming the independent short film Z Roach, written by Jacob Davis and directed by Keith Schikore. In the movie, I play Samantha, a woman out to avenge her sister’s death from government created, biologically engineered super-weapons. The role has given me so many opportunities to flex my action hero muscle, and it also marks the first time I’m playing the lead in a film. Produced by Futures Explored.


Don’t Rush Safety: Look Up

I just wrapped shooting on a public service announcement for Don’t Rush Safety. The PSA, entitled “Look Up,” was coordinated by the Sheriff’s Office and California Highway Patrol; Castro Valley, San Leandro Valley, and Hayward School Districts; Public Works Agency; and Supervisor Miley’s office and was produced by Futures Explored Film Workshop. I played a toy unicorn come to life. It was an incredibly rewarding experience working with so many talented kids and community members, and I can’t wait to see the final product when it’s released in August. It was also wonderful to be reunited with my Uno director Hester Wagner.

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The Fellowship

778072_14db36323c7a47159e314e8b4f47991aI will be playing Amy in the staged reading of The Fellowship at Ross Valley Players on Saturday, August 27 at 8 pm.

Armed with J.R.R. Tolkien as a peculiar moral compass, a misfit in a rural community sets out on a quest to find a friend. Can a deranged fire chief, homophobia, or a wild bear hopped up on crystal meth stop him?

More information at rossvalleyplayers.com/the-fellowship


Eat the Runt!

11390220_10205655157591695_3336686545578404353_nI am thrilled to announce my next project, the Altarena Playhouse production of Avery Crozier’s Eat the Runt. The play has been written without pronouns or gender-specific characters. Each night, the audience will cast the actors in one of eight roles. There are over 40,000 possible combinations, and each actor must learn THE ENTIRE SCRIPT in preparation. Needless to say, my head is running with all of these unique voices and characters! The workplace comedy runs from August 14 through September 14 in Alameda, California.

Farragut North


I am currently performing in the Masquers Playhouse production of Farragut North by Beau Willimon, directed by James Nelson. I play Ida Horowicz, a New York Times reporter. Reviewer Sam Hurwitt calls the production, “gripping” and “tautly directed.” He says, “Jayme Catalano has a marvelously playful cat-and-mouse flirtatiousness as a New York Times reporter who’ll stop at nothing to get a hot scoop.” Read the complete review HERE. San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle (SFBATCC) member Gary Gonser says, “Catalano is a very flexible actress that handles her character with an iron will to ‘make the grade’ on her stories. She is believable and intimidating enough to force the other campaign people to make decisions that will hurt them. In looking for ‘the truth’ we see that her character is just as much after power as anyone else.” Read the full review HERE. The show runs through June 27.

June 9, 2015

Wives with Knives

downloadI’m thrilled to be making my television debut on episode #306 of the Investigation Discovery show Wives with Knives, airing Friday, January 2nd at 3 pm. I play a cop in a reenactment segment featuring an irate woman and a pair of little boy’s underwear. The process of filming was both nerve-wracking and invigorating, with remembering marks and trying to realistically restrain and handcuff a squirming body while saying lines and staying in character. But fulfillment of at least one childhood dream occurred the moment director Evan Cecil said, “Action!”

December 8. 2014