LongShotz: Collateral Damage

Next up: LongShotz Collateral Damage! I will be performing at PianoFight on June 3 and at the Temescal Arts Center on June 9, 16 & 18. I will be performing in the play Ashes at Dusk by Nima Slone, directed by Christopher Magee.


It’s Shotz… but longer!!!


We’ve given six playwrights 30 days to write a 30-minute. The plays are precast and follow certain parameters:

*Each play must relate to the theme COLLATERAL DAMAGE,
*The playwrights are asked to find inspiration in Jane’s Addiction’s “Of Course” lyric “Of course this land is dangerous, all of the animals are capably murderous”.
*Each play must interact with nature in some way.